Skin Pearls

Anti Ageing Eye Caviar Pearls



Blending ancient ingredients with sophisticated technology for a truly luxurious experience.

Selected for their impressive lifting, firming and brightening properties, each skin tightening Pearl contains pure Caviar and Lotus extracts, precious gemstones Pearl and Jade, together with Spirulina to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, alleviate tired puffy eyes, reduce the appearance of dark circles and firm delicate skin.

Use one Anti-Aging Eye Caviar Pearl for each eye day and night. After cleansing, spoon one Caviar Pearl into the palm of your hand. Crush and blend with your fingertips, then apply directly onto the skin around the eye, moving with gentle pressure from inner to outer corners until absorbed.

Suitable for all skin types. Moisture levels will intensify, leaving skin radiant and supple.

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