Ways That Skincare Product Packaging Is Evolving

One of the fastest growing markets in all areas of the world is skincare. Surpassing many tech fields, skincare is evolving as our needs evolve. When research showed us the effects of skin cancer, the skincare industry responded with a wide range of products containing sunblock and those products continue to evolve, becoming more effective and using more natural ingredients than ever. The skincare industry has gone beyond making us look beautiful and is focusing on making our skin healthier and more youthful.

And just as the skincare products themselves have evolved, so has the skincare product packaging as the world becomes more focused on eco-friendly ways to do just about everything. Innovative new trends in skincare product packaging has taken the skincare industry, which has already become more scientific and medicalized, to a whole new level.

Let’s take a look at some of the new trends in skincare product packaging and see how the industry is making it easier to use their products.

Here Are Some Of The Top Trends In Skincare Product Packaging:

Dropper Bottles- while more and more skincare regimens are turning to oil to give skin a softer, more supple feel, the packaging is changing as well. Dropper bottles are being used to provide controlled portions of nutritional oils and other skin serums.

Smart Products- while many of us already have smart devices in our handbags, the skincare industry is beginning to make use of smart technology to create innovative, useful products. Using augmented reality, skincare manufacturers are able to create smart products similar to a FitBit, but that act as a dermatologist resource in your pocket. Tracking water and collagen levels in your skin and providing an effective skincare regimen that is custom tailored to your needs.

Colour- it used to be that when you reach the skincare counter in your favourite department, you were greeted with wall and counter displays full of white clad bottles, boxes and more. While white used to be the primary colour for skincare product packaging, the new trend is to add a splash of colour and to make the packaging look less clinical.


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