Looking After Your Skin This Winter

Winter has come around so quickly! At this time of the year, you really need to take care of your skin in the best way possible - especially if it is sensitive. Cold weather can cause existing skin conditions, such as eczema and acne, to worsen. Cold wind can strip moisture from the skin making it become very dry. Below we have our top tips on how to look after your skin in the cold weather, as it is essential that you do so.

Exchange Make Up Wipes For A Moisturising Cleanser

As mentioned above, the cold weather can really have a huge effect on the moisture of your skin. Central heating in your home can also dry out your skin quickly. Therefore, in order to reduce the uncomfortable effects of dry skin swap your usual makeup wipes for a moisturising cleanser. Makeup wipes can sometimes include chemicals that strip the moisture from your skin where as a gentle moisturising cleanser will do the same job just as effectively,  while retaining moisture levels and ensuring your skin is in its best possible condition.

Nourish Your Skin During The Night

When you are asleep, your skin naturally replenishes. Therefore, this is the perfect time for you to treat your skin as much as possible to ensure you look healthy and fresh. Treat your skin with face oil, serum or moisturiser before you go to bed. This should become a habit of yours for all year round, but especially in the cold winter months when your skin suffers the most. View our overnight product here, you should not miss out on it! https://skinpearls.co.uk/collections/all-products?gf_69688=4

Exfoliate Regularly To Put A Stop To Dullness

Everything is a little more dull in the winter months, but your skin does not have to be! Exfoliating weekly will rid your skin of toxins and flakiness, allowing a brighter, glowing complexion to be revealed. Say goodbye to dead skin cells thanks to exfoliation and keep your appearance looking youthful and bright (which after all, is the look we all wish to retain). You should exfoliate before bed time and then moisturise following your exfoliation.

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